Exciting news from Iceland: On the evening of July 10th, 2023, after days full of earthquakes, another volcanic eruption started on the Reykjanis peninsula. The eruption takes place in the same area where there was also an eruption in 2021 and last in August 2022. It lies about 1,8 miles north of Fagradalsfjall near Litla-Hrút, south of Keilir mountain. There is currently no immediate danger to residents or air travelers, as the area is uninhabited. The past eruptions have exerted a great fascination not only among tourists and made adventurous travelers wander to the eruption site. 

Those who still want to follow the outbreak can do so from a safe distance via the live

Update July 11th: The new outbreak site at Litli-Hrutur, which was still closed until noon today, has now been opened for visitors after a meeting with the authorities. Currently, parking and hiking route H of last year's outbreak must be used. The new eruption site is further away than the one of 2022. There and back it is about 12,4 miles, often over impassable, partly steep terrain. Those who wants to dare this, should take along not only surefootedness but also endurance, suitable clothes for weather changes, enough food and water. It is important to fully charge the cell phone beforehand and it is best to register on the safetravel.is website. Special care should be taken at the eruption site because of sometimes high gas concentrations and because new fissures can open spontaneously at any time.

Update July 13th: Both the new and the 2021 and 2022 breakout sites are closed until at least Saturday, July 15th, 2023. On Saturday, the situation will be re-examined and a decision will be made whether to reopen the breakout site.

Update July 17th: Trail E is open again as of this afternoon. Please keep in mind that the eruption site is not a safe area. New crevasses and craters can open unexpectedly.

Update 24th July: For hikes to the volcanic eruption at Litli-Hrutur new opening hours have been set for parking lots 1 and 2 and routes A and E. Weather permitting, mentioned parking lots and hiking routes are open from 10 am until 6 pm. Those who want to start in the afternoon must start on-site before 6 p.m. This measure had to be taken due to the high number of visitors, the shortage of personnel in the rescue teams, and the failure to follow safety instructions from the authorities. 

About the routes and parking: The authorities recommend route E from parking lot 2, which is around 20 kilometers round trip, but primarily through flat terrain. This route is easier than route A via the 2022 trail from parking lot 1 and onto the Litli-Hrutur mountain. This route is also long and has more climbs and descents in between. There is a parking fee and you can pay via Parka App. We recommend downloading the app on your cell phone. You should avoid the route from Vigdisarvellir, mentioned mainly in social media, which is shorter, but in much more difficult terrain you are on the road without paths, markings, rescue teams, parking, toilets, and often without a mobile phone connection. 

If you want to tackle route E or A, you should take not only sure-footedness but also endurance, suitable clothes for weather changes, enough food and water. It is important to fully charge the cell phone beforehand, possibly carry a power bank. It is best to register on the website safetravel.is.

Important: Special caution is required at the outbreak site due to partially high gas concentrations, smoke from burning moss, and because new fissures can open spontaneously at any time. Please follow the instructions of the authorities and rescue teams and also do not leave any trash in the area.

For more information on the eruption and whether the area is open, visit safetravel.is. As with the last outbreak, we recommend all information with maps and valuable weather reports from blika.is.

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