Iceland ProTravel Iceland offers tailor-made tours for groups. There is no limit on how many people are needed to form a group, no group is too small and no group is too big for us. There is a great selection of activities to choose from once you are in Iceland, and all depends on how much action you are looking for and the budget. To get some idea about the activities we often choose for our groups, please take a look at the list here below, and feel free to contact us for further information and bookings. You can also book various activities in Iceland yourself.


Modified 4x4‘s, most often Toyotas, Fords or Mercedes Benz.  Huge tyres, 38 – 44 inches, which give the vehicles an additional floatatin over the ice and snow, crossing glciers.  


The iconic LandRover defender 4x4, modified with extra tall tyres that allows the vehicles to driver virtually anywhere.  For team events the vehicles are connected with VHF radios and excorted by professional drivers that instruct in crossing rivers and streams and driving on snow.  


Super Jeeps in Iceland with Iceland ProTravel
Snowmobile on glacier with Iceland ProTravel


Iceland is home to the largest glaciers in Europe and to thunder across these glaciers is an unforgettable experience.  One of the most exciting activities possible and at Base Camp we provide thermal overalls, helmets, gloves and shoe covers.


The Solheimajökull glacier is a fantastic place to experiencehiking or walking on ice.  The walk on the glacier in spectacular surroundings is somthing not soon forgotten.  All the necessary equipment if provided, meaning ice picks, crampons, helmets and professional guides that instruct and inform and never loose sight of the safety needed in these icy surroundings.



Iceland‘s raging glacier rivers offer an experience for the adrenaline seekeers.  Beautiful scenery, challenging rivers suitable for beginners as well as experienced riders.  Then at the end of the ride, a farmhouse restaurant awaits with the necessary liquid and solid refreshments.  A day to remember.


Rough roads, rivers, streams, lavafields, forests and mountains.  All within a very short drive from Reykjavik.  Vehicles can also be transported to the black sandy beaches where the thundering ocean waves provide the necessary background music.  Thermal overalls, helmets, gloves and the necessary guidance is provided.


The Icelandic horse is a special breed of horses, small but extremely sturdy, gentle and easy for beginners.  The breed‘s 5 gaits makes it unique and offers experienced riders a very interesting ride.  


The waters around Iceland are filled with many different species of whales that migrate year round for feeding.  Dolphins, minke whales, porpoises and humphacks are the main attractions but in summer we can also anticipate to see seals and puffins.  A wide variety of boats for private hire are available.


Cave exploring with Iceland ProTravel


The area around Reykjavik offers numerous hiking possibilities.  One of these is the Reykjadalud valley, where warm rivers and pools dot the scenery.  Many eothermal springs feed into a small stream which creates numerous pools of warm water.  Experience the natural way of soaking in thehot waters of Iceland.  Minimal facilities.


Fancy a view from the above?  A helicopter flight over the rugged landscape of Iceland is  not only thrilling but also unforgettable.  Waterfalls, volcanos, glaciers and rivers look completely different from above.  We can land in the middle of hellish looking geothermal fields, not accessable in another way.  We can heli-hop if group is large and split into smaller groups and do a 10 – 12 minute‘s flight en route f.ex. to the glacier in a fleet of super jeeps.


Iceland ProTravel picture


The Silfra fissure is located in the heart of the Thingvellir Natural Park and offers crystal clear glcier water with an unparalleled visibility, completely devoid of life and sediments.  Since this fissure is created by plate tectonics, then it is virtually possible to swim from North America to Europe in a few strokes.


Sea kayaking or kayaking in narrow channels in pristine landscape.  No experience necessary and you can encounter widely varied birdlife.  Swans, geese, eider ducks, seagulls and puffins.


Surprisingly, Iceland offers huge numbers of golf courses to cjhoose from.  Many of these are 18 hole ones and most enjoy a beautiful scenery of mountains, lakes, coastal areas.  In summer it is possible to play a round of golf at Midnight because the country experiences 24 hours of daylight for around 6 weeks.

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