The land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is a land of fire and ice. Nowhere else can you find more varied, contrasting and extraordinary nature. Although the island is just below the polar circle, winter in Iceland can be warmer than in New York and Vienna. The landscape here is rugged but at the same time romantic. Steep cliffs dive into the sea in narrow fjords, deep valleys and massive glaciers, black beaches and harsh volcanoes, geyser and bubbling mud are just some of what you can expect to see in Iceland.

A true adventure

Learn more about the history, attractions, and shopping opportunities on these pages. Here you will also find practical information and a map that prepares you for your unforgettable trip to Iceland.

The life of the Icelanders

The capital Reykjavik is one of the cleanest cities you will travel to. Ironically, Reykjavik means "Smoky Bay" in English. Due to smoke, or rather steam, is the first city establishment, Ingolf Arnarson, to look up from the hot springs in the year 800-900. Today, this steam is used to heat the entire city. Apart from the clean and refreshing air in Reykjavik, you will find many restaurants with fresh fish and lamb. Harpa Concert Hall often has performances and it contributes to Reykjavik's vibrant city life. Often you will find the Icelanders sitting with a good book at home or with friends in cafes or bars. Iceland is famous for publishing books, and publishes more books per capita than any other country in the world. They simply love to tell stories, especially about their popular trolls and sagas.

Having been in town for a while, you may want to experience something more and luckily you do not travel far to experience truly amazing natural phenomena. Most Icelanders own a cottage in the nature that they use for fishing, bird watching, hiking trips and more. Those who really are looking for unique nature must really travel to the Vestmannaeyjar in the south. This is a relatively new land, and the newest island rose from the sea in 1963. It is a paradise for birds, plants and flowers.

Over time, Icelanders have been influenced by terrible nature and history. Black Plague, hunger and natural disasters have shaped the Icelandic people to what they are today. This has created a strong, robust and hard-tempered nation, while maintaining the merciful and softness of it.